Why to invest in Fremantle?

Jun 21, 2017

Reasons to invest in Fremantle

1. Large scale Government investment

Fremantle is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of investment and renewal with combined levels of private and public investment in the pipeline totalling more than $1.3 billion. The City of Fremantle has set ambitious targets for the development of new dwellings, commercial office and retail floor space within the city’s central area to be achieved over the next decade, as outlined in the City’s Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020. This includes the landmark Kings Square cultural precinct redevelopment and the commitment of the WA State Government to move 1,500 of its workers to the location by 2020.  As a result, Fremantle is now a worthwhile place to invest for those seeking long-term capital growth in their property portfolio.

2. Fremantle’s lifestyle

The location of your investment property will considerably affect its value. Fremantle’s economy is robust, diverse and continually evolving. Local businesses are flourishing, and high-quality property developments are providing a strong return on investment for their investors and improving community wellbeing.  Investors should also bear in mind what a home seeker is focused on. Attracting tenants is a crucial part of the puzzle, therefore choosing a location that boasts maximum lifestyle appeal is essential. Fremantle offers a huge variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options, multiple transport links, an ideal coastal location, and a growing reputation for the value it places on sustainable living and working options.

3. Security of DHA investment

DHA has evolved and grown over the last five years to become a leading residential property developer, with almost 50 projects underway across the country and a development pipeline worth approximately $2.5 billion.

Despite the size of its property portfolio, some Western Australians aren’t aware that DHA is in fact one of Australia’s biggest property developers. We have around $130 million in projects in Western Australia alone.

For Liv buyers, choosing a DHA project provides the unique benefit of confidence that once approved, your property will definitely be built.[1] As a government-backed entity DHA is not reliant on pre-sales to fund construction. Construction at Liv will be finished by August 2018.

Liv has achieved a 4-star Green Star equivalent rating, 7.5 star NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) average rating, and has achieved a One Planet Community certification.

Every Liv apartment will feature balconies, ceiling fans and LED lighting. The development will host edible gardens and a shared residents’ garden, louvered windows for sun protection, solar panels, reduced waste by design, sub metering of utilities and water efficiency measures.




[1] Currently 4 months from completion.

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