The smart features in Liv Apartments make your life more comfortable

Feb 7, 2018

To support the quality of life and the positive community feel of Liv Apartments, smart design choices have also been made to minimise any noise from yourself and your neighbours. Furthermore, materials and appliances have been chosen to save you time and money from maintenance in the long run.

Acoustics: When living above, next to or below neighbours, blocking out music, toilets flushing, high heels, dishwashers and washing machines are important for your comfort. In a Liv Apartment, you can be confident double-glazed windows throughout the apartment, acoustic carpet underlays, sound-smart walls by Ritek and insulated waste water pipes will minimise noise for yourself and your neighbours.

Double-Glazing: Double-glazed windows throughout the Liv development will not only improve your energy consumption by keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer. It will also reduce UV radiation by 99%, increasing the life of your furniture and buffer outside sound by 34% compared to normal glass.

Balconies: Not only are the Liv Apartment balconies generous when it comes to space, they also have other benefits. Each balcony has a clever floor waste drainage system which sees water collected under the floor boards, avoiding ponding surface water. The balconies are also made up of a long-wearing, safe and eco-friendly timber decking. The timber boards are made to last through tough Australian conditions, and are a great, low-maintenance alternative to conventional timber boards. The timber is also splinter-free and safe for children and pets.

Appliances and fittings: With Parisi tapware and quality AEG appliances included in each apartment, including a fully integrated dishwasher, you’ll feel very much at home in your Liv Apartment. Liv Apartments are also fitted with ceiling fans designed to save energy, using as little power as a 60-watt light globe.

BBQ area: To allow residents of Liv Apartments to come together and gather with friends and family, a comfortable and functional communal BBQ area is available in the secure resident’s garden on level 1.

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