Reasons why owner occupier Felicity bought at Liv

Mar 25, 2017

Felicity, 64, lawyer, Sydney

Why did you choose Liv?

Liv Apartments is perfect for a number of reasons – it’s not ready until 2018 so there is plenty of time for planning; it’s modern, secure and light filled; and there’s no garden to look after but a common edible garden and community space. It’s across the road from the swimming pool for exercise and an easy walk to the river and the centre of Freo.

What was it that set Liv apart from other properties you might have considered purchasing?

As an Australian Defence Force widow I know that DHA is a good project manager and have no doubts about the way in which the project will be managed.

Did the $5,000 deposit play a part in your decision?

This didn’t really affect my decision, but made the purchase appear to be an easy one.

What about the following features: sustainability design focus, size of the apartment, architecture and Pet-friendliness?

Definitely a big yes! Sustainability was a major attraction and green credentials were essential. Pet friendliness is a bonus – I didn’t even notice this but now I’m pleased it is available.

What attracted you to choose an apartment vs a house? E.g. Attractions of apartment-living – downsizing? Convenience? Ease of care and maintenance?  

All of these attracted me to choose an apartment over a house. I am downsizing for retirement purposes; I can lock and leave my property when travelling; there’s a feeling of safety; no more having to fix things, do gardening or maintenance. Plenty of benefits!

Was the Fremantle location part of the attraction – what do you like about Fremantle?  

I left Freo 10 years ago to pursue my legal career in Sydney, and I’m now semi retired and planning for the future. I knew I wanted a community, coastal, cosmopolitan environment in which to live and which left a small footprint on the planet – Fremantle offers all of this.
How did you find out about Liv Apartments?

While housesitting in Freo in October 2016, I decided that this was the place where I wanted to retire but I wasn’t quite ready to do this immediately. I had walked past the Liv display suite a number of times and randomly decided, a few days before returning to Sydney, to have a look. I loved the concept right away and decided to purchase a one-bedroom apartment facing the Fremantle Arts Centre – one of my favourite places to hang out.

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