Madonna buys at Liv

May 9, 2018

Madonna, 45, first home buyer

  1. Why did you choose Liv?

Liv Apartments seemed like an obvious choice as I have been living in Fremantle for more than 7 years and I enjoy being in the heart of this thriving port city. Also, Liv Apartments is conveniently located near the Fremantle Arts Centre, The Mantle and not to mention the infamous Cappuccino Strip.

  1. What was it that set Liv apart from other properties you might have considered purchasing?

The sustainability and design elements of Liv Apartments were important draw cards for me, along with the location. Being within walking distance to many of my favourite spots in Fremantle was a huge plus!

  1. Did the $5,000 deposit play a part in your decision?

The $5,000 wasn’t the ultimate decision maker for me, however, it was another positive to add to the list along with the First Home Owner Grant.

  1. What about the following features: sustainability design focus, size of the apartment, architecture and pet-friendliness?

When I initially saw renders of the Liv Apartments I was blown away by the design, layout and size of the apartments. It’s exciting to know my new home will have the space I need to entertain and have family over with the cleverly designed living and entertaining areas.

  1. What attracted you to choose an apartment vs a house? E.g. Attractions of apartment-living – downsizing? Convenience? Ease of care and maintenance?  

Buying an apartment was an attractive option for me as it’s easy to decorate, furnish and maintain. It’s nice to know my apartment will be easy to maintain in comparison to a house.

  1. Was the Fremantle location part of the attraction – what do you like about Fremantle?  

Fremantle is home to me, having lived in the area for years I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the friendliness and the vibe, and not to mention all the great coffee shops where you can relax and catch up with friends.

  1. How did you find out about Liv Apartments?

Every day on my way to work I would drive past the Liv Apartments construction site and one day decided to visit the display office where I met two friendly sales representatives.  They were both really helpful, so here I am – on my way to owning my first apartment in the middle of Fremantle.

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