Living with pets at Liv: How to make it work

Aug 30, 2017

Break the ice

Although pet-friendly apartments are few and far between, pets can in fact benefit the apartment community. One way it does so is by helping you break the ice and get to know your new neighbours and people in your new neighbourhood. We all know adorable pets make for excellent small talk!

Share the companionship

Pet owners know the benefits living with a pet can bring. According to the RSPCA, pets make us both physically and mentally healthier – just the presence of our pets can lift our spirit and help us relax. In an apartment complex, pets can have the bonus of doubling as friends for more than one family. So after you’ve introduced your neighbours to your pet, consider taking it over to them for a visit – before you know they might be out getting some fresh air together!

Enjoy the pet friendly areas near Liv Apartments

Situated near pet friendly parks, cafes and beaches in Fremantle, Liv Apartments is the perfect spot for pet owners. A quick 10-minute walk from Liv you will find a designated dog exercise area in Fremantle Park and the pet friendly Bathers Beach. Another 5-minute stroll will take you to Stevens Street Reserve, another designated dog exercise area. Just up the street you can also enjoy a freshly roasted coffee from pet friendly café Gesha Coffee Co. Other pet friendly cafes in the area include Moore & Moore Cafe, Rabbit in the Moon and 9 Seeds.

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