Fremantle in top 8 WA areas to buy property

Jan 19, 2017

Looking ahead to 2017, WA has to be considered as a separate market to the other states. Here, property is on the move. No longer is there a need for buyers to be hesitant and wait a while because ‘prices will reduce more’. It is time to buy, but where?

There are many factors involved when assessing an area that could have potential financial growth for buyers. The major factors to consider are new government infrastructure plans, employment opportunities, zoning changes to enable subdivision and school population increasing.


Mayor Dr Brad Pettit strongly supports the upgrades in the area and redevelopment of the Victoria Quay, city centre, waterfront and northern gateway areas will increase tourism and community facilities, and will certainly increase demand for housing in the area.

Other upgrades include the Fremantle train station and the creating of a sporting hub at Fremantle Oval. All improvements are centred on increasing public-private investors and employment in the suburb – all positive moves in this area.


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