First home owner grant helped a Liv buyer

May 10, 2017

Buyer Sean and his partner Edwina purchased a one bedroom apartment at Liv.

1. Why did you choose Liv?

Liv offered a mix of affordability, value, lifestyle and functionality. At first we noticed the distinctive design and price point, but the thing that eventually sold us was the functionality of an inner city apartment that allowed us to be close to amenities and be part of the Fremantle lifestyle

2. What was it that set Liv apart from other properties you might have considered purchasing?

We were looking at nearby developments which were okay, however the location and thoughtfulness of design set it apart. To be a part of the rejuvenation of this area of Freo was an exciting prospect, rather than being stuck in the suburbs.

3. Did the $5,000 deposit play a part in your decision?

It definitely played a role in the timing of our purchase and allowed us to take advantage of getting in early, as well as the help of the First Home Owner Grant.

4. What about the following features: sustainability design focus, size of the apartment, architecture and pet-friendliness?

Helping the environment by using energy saving design principles was a welcome feature of the development and definitely fit our sustainability ethos. The mixed use public spaces and Scandinavian inspired architecture was also an initial attraction. Our cat being welcome is a nice bonus!

5. What attracted you to choose an apartment vs a house? E.g. Attractions of apartment-living – downsizing? Convenience? Ease of care and maintenance?

We wanted to live an urban lifestyle and be close to everything so we didn’t need to rely on using a car. It will be very exciting to be near iconic, heritage listed buildings, as well as playing a unique role in revitalising the art precinct of Freo. It makes us feel like a part of the city’s history.

We chose an apartment as it is our first home, it was at a decent price point and had most features we were looking for.

6. Was the Fremantle location part of the attraction – what do you like about Fremantle?

We love the combination of history and potential of Fremantle to become a world class, modern city. There is a focus on sustainability, transport options, walkability, use of unique and under-utilised spaces and community. The development that Freo is about to undertake was also a key motivator.

7. How did you find out about Liv Apartments?

I was aware of the development from back before it gained planning approval as I am an urban planning graduate and like to keep a keen eye on new developments.

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